Transfer NCC Cosmo bike show Verona

Transfer NCC Verona - Cosmo Bike
Scaligera transfer performs car and minivan rental service with driver for the exhibition “Cosmo bike show Verona” both for the public, for exhibitors also for exhibitors’ customers.
Service from airports and stations to hotels in Verona and province. From hotel to fair and back with car and minivan also available for the whole day. We are also available for outside evenings or events organized by exhibitors.


Verona chauffeur service

The advantages of choosing the NCC transfer service of Scaligera Transfer:

  • Dedicated customer service: A team of professionals always available to assist you with your requests and needs.
  • Always on: Scaligera Transfer operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing constant assistance for all your transportation needs.
  • Customizable services: We offer tailor-made solutions to fit your travel requirements perfectly.
  • Extra comfort: In addition to standard comfort, we offer snacks and water on board to make your trip even more enjoyable.