NCC Verona full price list transfer rental with driver

TrattaA partire daMaggiori info
Transfer NCC Bit MilanN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Origin Passion and Beliefs MilanN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Vinitaly VeronaN/ATratta
Transfer NCC MotorShow BolognaN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Fair Horses VeronaN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Verona Legends CarsN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Agricultural Fair VeronaN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Verona OpenN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Milan Fashion WeekN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Cosmopack BolognaN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Spazio Casa VicenzaN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Cosmofarma Exhibition BolognaN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Eicma MilanN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Marmomac VeronaN/ATratta
Transfer NCC CosmoProf BolognaN/ATratta
Transfer NCC International Furniture Fair MilanN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Italy Endurance Festival VeronaN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Vicenza GoldN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Cosmo bike show VeronaN/ATratta
Transfer NCC Eima BolognaN/ATratta
NCC Verona – Siena540€Tratta
NCC Verona – Boario Terme270€Tratta
NCC Verona – Geneva1000€Tratta
NCC Verona – Lake Braies500€Tratta
NCC station Verona – Villafranca di Verona60€Tratta
NCC Verona – St. MoritzN/ATratta
NCC Verona – Rovereto140€Tratta
NCC Verona – Monza270€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Salò90€Tratta
NCC Mantua – Bologna Airport200€Tratta
NCC Verona Station – Lake Garda70€Tratta
NCC Verona – Civitavecchia900€Tratta
NCC Verona – San Marino500€Tratta
NCC Verona – Numana670€Tratta
NCC Mantua – Bergamo Airport260€Tratta
NCC Lake Garda – Milan Malpensa Airport330€Tratta
NCC Verona – Florence450€Tratta
NCC Verona – Milan Malpensa Airport360€Tratta
NCC Verona – Sottomarina270€Tratta
NCC Verona – Montegrotto Terme190€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Garda55€Tratta
NCC Verona – Treviso Airport250€Tratta
NCC Verona – Rimini500€Tratta
NCC Verona – La Spezia500€Tratta
NCC Verona – Venice Airport230€Tratta
NCC Verona – Montepulciano620€Tratta
NCC Verona – Villach660€Tratta
NCC Verona – Verona station50€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Gargnano160€Tratta
NCC Verona – Carrara500€Tratta
NCC Verona – Vicenza110€Tratta
NCC Mantua – Milan Linate Airport330€Tratta
NCC Verona – Innsbruck530€Tratta
NCC Verona – Rosolina Sea350€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Desenzano60€Tratta
NCC Verona – Gorizia440€Tratta
NCC Verona Airport-Valeggio sul Mincio50€Tratta
NCC Verona – Sankt Johann830€Tratta
NCC Verona Airport – Lake Garda70€Tratta
NCC Verona – Imola330€Tratta
NCC Verona – Fidenza280€Tratta
NCC Verona – Cremona210€Tratta
NCC Verona – Livorno560€Tratta
NCC Mantua – Verona Airport80€Tratta
NCC Verona – Recoaro Terme200€Tratta
NCC Verona – Lugano420€Tratta
NCC Verona – Riccione500€Tratta
NCC Verona – Lake Resia500€Tratta
NCC Verona – Bressanone350€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Gardone Riviera120€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Sirmione outside the center60€Tratta
NCC Verona – Savona590€Tratta
NCC Verona – Corvara in Badia430€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Limone220€Tratta
NCC Verona – Milano Marittima440€Tratta
NCC Verona – Monte Carlo Principality of Monaco900€Tratta
NCC Valeggio sul Mincio – Bergamo Airport180€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Toscolano Maderno140€Tratta
NCC Verona – Bassano del Grappa250€Tratta
NCC Verona – Milan290€Tratta
NCC Verona – Iseo180€Tratta
NCC Valeggio sul Mincio – Peschiera Station35€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Campione del Garda200€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Torri del Benaco65€Tratta
NCC Verona – Pisa540€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Bardolino50€Tratta
NCC Verona – Canazei410€Tratta
NCC Verona – Zurich820€Tratta
NCC Verona – Pordenone360€Tratta
NCC Verona – Merano330€Tratta
NCC Verona – Verona Airport60€Tratta
NCC Verona – Forte dei Marmi520€Tratta
NCC Verona – Piacenza270€Tratta
NCC Verona – Livigno550€Tratta
NCC Verona – Abano Terme180€Tratta
NCC Mantua – Verona station90€Tratta
NCC Verona – Munich810€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Malcesine140€Tratta
NCC Verona – Turin540€Tratta
NCC Verona – Brescia125€Tratta
NCC Verona – Zagreb900€Tratta
NCC Verona – Bari1460€Tratta
NCC Verona – Ravenna420€Tratta
NCC Verona – Ortisei380€Tratta
NCC Verona – Bologna Airport260€Tratta
NCC Verona – Nice830€Tratta
NCC Verona – Venice230€Tratta
NCC Verona – Conegliano370€Tratta
NCC Lake Garda – Milan Linate Airport260€Tratta
NCC Verona – Perugia690€Tratta
NCC Verona – Bergamo Airport210€Tratta
NCC Mantua – Venice Airport290€Tratta
NCC Verona – Salsomaggiore Terme350€Tratta
NCC Verona – Aosta600€Tratta
NCC Verona – Naples1260€Tratta
NCC Verona – Ancona660€Tratta
NCC Verona – Jesolo300€Tratta
NCC Verona – Modena190€Tratta
NCC Valeggio sul Mincio – Milan Linate Airport260€Tratta
NCC Verona – Padua180€Tratta
NCC Valeggio sul Mincio – Bologna Airport240€Tratta
NCC Verona – Chioggia270€Tratta
NCC Verona – Trento180€Tratta
NCC Peschiera del Garda – Lazise40€Tratta
NCC Valeggio sul Mincio – Mantua Station60€Tratta
NCC Verona – Treviso250€Tratta
NCC Verona – Ljubljana650€Tratta
NCC Lake Garda – Venice Airport260€Tratta
NCC Lake Garda – Airport Bologna270€Tratta
NCC Valeggio sul Mincio – Venice Airport260€Tratta
NCC Verona – Genoa520€Tratta
NCC Verona – Trieste500€Tratta
NCC Verona – Grado440€Tratta
NCC Verona – San Remo750€Tratta
NCC Verona – Udine440€Tratta
NCC Verona – Cortina D’Ampezzo530€Tratta
NCC Mantua – Milan Malpensa Airport400€Tratta
NCC Lake Garda – Airport Bergamo180€Tratta
NCC Verona – Rome900€Tratta
NCC Verona – Gstaad900€Tratta
NCC Verona – Parma260€Tratta
NCC Verona – Belluno380€Tratta
NCC Verona Airport – Madonna di Campiglio310€Tratta
NCC Station Verona – Valeggio sul Mincio70€Tratta
NCC Verona – Asiago270€Tratta
NCC Verona Airport – Villafranca di Verona50€Tratta
NCC Verona – Manarola520€Tratta
NCC Valeggio sul Mincio – Milan Malpensa Airport330€Tratta
NCC Verona – Bolzano280€Tratta
NCC Verona – Milan Linate Airport290€Tratta
NCC Verona – Verona Airport60€Tratta

NCC Verona Scaligera Transfer

Verona chauffeur service

We are Scaligera Transfer, your reliable choice for chauffeured car rental (NCC) in Verona.

We offer competitive rates to a variety of destinations, including airports, stations and cities throughout Italy.

We are the ideal solution for business, leisure or airport transfers.

We are here to make your trip as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Choose Scaligera Transfer for your NCC Verona service

Check out our list of NCC Verona (Verona chauffeur-driven car hire) route rates.

We offer impeccable chauffeur-driven car rental service to individuals and companies who wish to move quietly and comfortably for business or pleasure.
Our vehicles are of the latest generation and guarantee the best comfort and safety. We also have vehicles that can accommodate up to 8 people. We are always available, we are there for you 24 hours a day all year round, and you can take advantage of trips all over Europe.

Relaxation, Confidentiality and Means that are always sanitized are definitely our strengths that allow any client to feel comfortable even during a very long journey.
We have many years of experience and we make it a point to always be on time, important so you don’t miss your train or plane if you’re out and about and don’t be late for an unmissable appointment. Our NCC Verona service is quality and you will notice it right away, we always try to meet our customers’ needs!

Transfers are by reservation and the price is agreed upon before the service begins.

As you could tell, the benefits of our Verona chauffeur hire (NCC Verona) are many, and we look forward to accompanying you on your next trip, whether it is business or pleasure. In the meantime, discover all our services to choose the one best suited for you. We are waiting for you!

Important notes about our NCC Verona service

Check out our list of NCC Verona (Verona chauffeur-driven car hire) route rates.

  • Fare INCLUDES: fuel italy and abroad, highway tolls italy and abroad, wifi use italy and abroad, water bottle on board
  • Fare DOES NOT INCLUDE: 10% vat, night and/or holidays, vignette payment, ferry-train payment, bridge payment, driver board and/or lodging


Why choose Scaligera Transfer?

State-of-the-art car fleet

Our vehicles ensure the best comfort and safety

Service 24 hours / 365 days a year

We are always by your side whether for a business trip or for your leisure time

No limit

Our NCC transfer service operates throughout Italy and Europe

Wi-Fi on board

Our vehicles are all equipped with Wi-fi